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dawnstar in liambug

12 month visit

Weight - 24 lbs., 1 oz.
Length - 29ish inches
Head circ. - I forget, but it's big :P

Developmentally, he's well on track. She reminded me that he doesn't "need" to nurse during the night, but also said that if we're comfortable with it, there's no harm in it either. No pressure about weaning or sleep training. (Because his doctor is wonderful.) She asked some questions about his diet, and all looks good there too. He has a bit of fluid in his right ear, but no infection - just a sign that he's had a recent cold. His recent increase in pickiness could be attributed to teething or simply just random. And she commented several times on how much he's grown and how well he's doing. We appear to have a healthy little boy. :)

He did not, however, deal so well with the shots. I was hopeful because when he had his first flu shot last month, he didn't so much as whimper. No such luck this time. He got three shots (flu shot #2, HIB, and PREVNAR), and the other 3 (MMR, chicken pox and Hep A) will be next month. He cried during each jab, harder and harder each time. And THEN we went down to the lab, figuring we might as well get /that/ out of the way too (lead screening and hematocrit). That was TERRIBLE. He just cried and cried and cried, and my heart broke for him. :(

We then brought him home and put him down for his nap (a bit late, which seems to be messing with his sleep schedule, since O is still upstairs with him an hour after taking him up). He was still fairly fussy this evening, but not too bad. Still, though... poor Buggie.