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Oct. 13th, 2009

20m, goofball


22 months old!

I can NOT believe we're at 22 months now. That number seems so small for how momentous it feels. I can't believe how he's grown and changed, and how much he grows and changes every single day. The last time I made a monthly update post (which admittedly was not last month, and may not have even been the month before...), I was listing the words and signs that he knew. I couldn't even begin to try to do that now. He talks and talks and talks. Just minutes ago, he came up to me with a piece of his shapes puzzle (the correct piece) and said, "parallelogram!" What?!

He also knows all the letters (and what words correspond with them in his letters puzzle) and numbers 1-9. (He doesn't quite get zero, referring instead to it as "o".) Sometimes he can count, as high as 6, but that's not consistent. He can identify all kinds of animals - I think he knew "rhinoceros" before he knew "dog." Also this week, he's learned to say his name, and knows that it starts with L.

His favorite things right now are his puzzles and books, balls, the water - especially at the beach, where he can play in the "booms," and Sesame Street. Oh, and climbing out of his new toddler bed, now that he's figured out that he can. He gets himself up from naps, and we have to put the baby gate up at night so that he doesn't get up in the morning and get himself into any kind of trouble before coming in to wake us up.

We go through phases of pickiness with foods, but now that he's more able to articulate what he wants (unless he is tired or otherwise cranky), it's easier to deal with than it was even a month or so ago. Favorites are macaroni & cheese, pasta, pizza, bagels, and various kinds of bread (homemade). His soy allergy seems to be fading too, though we haven't yet gotten him set up with allergy testing. We're working on that now.

He has a bunch of new teeth in the last month or so, too. Four, I think? Yeah. He's up to 14 now, and he only had 10 when we came down to Florida!

I am amazed by him, every single day.

Sep. 7th, 2009



Fun words

Since we stopped keeping track of Liam's words and signs (because there are just TOO many, these days), I've also stopped writing down the "fun" words he comes up with.  I want to try to make a list here because I know I'll want this information some day, and I know he won't always use these cute little words.  Already we've lost "Melmo" and "bapple," in favor of Elmo and apple.  "Dada" is already "Daddy" (or "Dathy," really).  Before we know it, all of the below words and phrases will be a thing of the past.  So... some of our favorites:

dizz-dee = frisbee
bapf = bath
ning = ring
bup = bus
allatee = manatee
alala kennn = watering can
alligaaaa = alligator
bood = bird
bappa = Grappa/Grandpa
muckit = bucket
mankit = blanket
ness = yes
agla-pa = pacifier
mepf = mess
aBOOM = ka-boom/ba-boom
cuck/cruck = truck
kink (yes, really!) = drink
sessen = seven

I don't think I can even describe the word he uses for dinosaur, much less the dinosaur (actually frog, but he prefers dinosaur) shoes Nana & Grappa bought him.

He's getting so very big!  The pack & play he's been using here is starting to be too small, and our crib is in storage up in Rochester, so we've just gone ahead and bought him a toddler bed.  (Something I said I wasn't going to buy, but I didn't expect our circumstances to be quite what they are at the moment.)  He's less and less baby, and more and more boy, and I love watching the transition.  :)

Jul. 7th, 2009



Another communication update

New signs:
juice (which is his favorite thing)

New words:
Animal sounds - zzzz (for bees), cock-a-doodle-doo,
Uncle Matt ("uh maa")
Micky ("Kicki")
Elmo ("Melmo")
bread ("beh")
socks (though it sounds exactly like his word for hat, but he uses it contextually)
puffs ("pah")
coat (new one today!)
...and a lot more than he'll copy after us, but not necessarily use independently yet

Oh, and the one that really blew me out of the water? He can recognize the letters O and E, and point them out. Bwuh?

Usually I do these updates around his "monthday" but we have a doctor's appointment coming up Friday (his 18m visit, which got delayed due to the Sick of Doom from a few weeks ago), so I wanted to take note.

Jun. 14th, 2009



A year and a half!

C&Ps from previous lists, just to have them in the same placeCollapse )
Apple, bubble, ball, up, cracker, bagel, yogurt, bum balm (heh), elbow, me (nee nee nee!), beep/ding (ning ning ning, always 3 times), la la la (if you ask him to sing), hand, hat, hot, okay, yuck/yucky, cookie, uh oh
(39, that I can think of anyway)

Animal noises: baa, moo (ooo!), oink (oh oh oh!), woof (oo oo oo!), grrrr (for lions and tigers), ssss (for snakes), neigh, quack
(if those count, it makes 47)

General report:
OMG is he picky about food these days! We have a terrible time getting vegetables into him, a lot of the time. We've taken to giving him a cup of V8 Fusion once a day because he loves that and it has veggies in it. Not ideal, but whatever works. He's also decided to be a vegetarian, it seems. Except hot dogs, apparently. He ate one of those (uncured, antibiotic-free, etc.) last night. Let me just tell you, it is NOT an easy job, feeding a picky toddler with a food allergy. But we get by. He's definitely eating enough, so we must be doing something right! :)

Sleep has gotten SO much better. In fact, he sleeps all night a lot of the time now. Not every night, but probably more than half of the time. The flip side of this, unfortunately, is that it's taking longer to get him to /go/ to sleep at night. But that's just been a few days, so we're waiting it out to see if it changes on its own. If not, we'll try something new.

He loves to be on the move, but he also loves TV (oh no!). We let him watch an episode of Sesame Street every day, if he asks for it. And he still watches his Baby Signing Time DVDs before bed at night. We're thinking of getting some of the regular Signing Time ones for variety, soon. Other than those times, and when we go for walks in his stroller, he's on the go ALL the time! You'd never know he was a late walker. :)

He loves building with blocks, reading books, listening to music, and playing with his new (to him) Little People sets (we have the house and the farm).

We're still nursing, generally twice a day, which means we've earned this:

He was nursing just once, at night. But then he decided to night-wean (via the first night he slept all night), so the "plan" got switched around. I probably could've just stopped nursing altogether at that point, and I considered it. But I really wanted to get to 18 months. Of course, now that it's a daytime thing again, he's asking for it more and more, so weaning may be more difficult. But we'll figure it out.

He's still a very happy, charming little boy. We can always tell something is wrong with him because his disposition totally changes. If he's suddenly in "brat" mode, or just generally less happy, we know he's not feeling well.

I can't believe he's a year and a half old already!

May. 27th, 2009



Moo Baa La La La

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Apr. 9th, 2009



More communication

New signs:
Night (which he does 2 or more times in a row, to say good night before he goes upstairs for bed)
Airplane (did I say that one before?)

New words:
Day (both often with the accompanying sign)
Hello ("Eggo!" which can also mean goodbye)
Thank you (you'd never know this was what he was saying, if he wasn't copying you...)
Tata (referring to pictures of his cousin)
Banana ("nana," which can actually mean pretty much any food)
Bottle ("bobble")
Panda ("danda")
Shoe ("ooo")
Diaper ("dyder")
and he's started saying "Papa," but I don't know what he's referring to!
Oh, and he barks back at dogs when we hear them.

Apr. 8th, 2009



Soy allergy

So, it was pointed out to me (several times!) in my own journal, I've never really talked about Liam's soy allergy. We didn't really figure it out for sure until... maybe January or so? I'm not sure exactly. We'd begun to suspect in October, when my MIL was visiting. He had a pretty obvious allergic reaction to SOMETHING, but we didn't know for sure what it was. That night, he'd had edamame beans, and mango ice cream (plus other foods he'd already eaten several times, so we knew it had to be one of those things). It wasn't until after his first birthday, though, that we managed to figure it out for sure. (Mind you, this was AFTER we tried soy milk when he had trouble digesting cow's milk at first.)

Symptoms-wise, it's almost more in line with an intolerance than an allergy, as a lot of his reaction tends to be belly-related - gas and super-messy diapers. But the reason we know it is in fact an allergy is because it also tends to flare up his eczema (this was the first reaction we noticed, in fact). So it does seem to be a relatively mild allergy, as such things go. He doesn't stop breathing or swell up - just breaks out and has belly issues. Still, we need to read labels carefully to avoid a reaction. He could grow out of it as he gets older, but it could just as easily get worse... so we want to keep him away from it.

Obviously, we screw up sometimes. Soy is tricky, as it's in almost EVERYTHING. Even the bagels we get from the Wegmans bakery have soybean oil in them. We've started having to keep alternatives to some of our usual staples, so Liam can eat what we're eating. This doesn't help the grocery budget, as I'm sure you can all imagine.

So... that's the soy story. Sorry I never shared it earlier!

Mar. 20th, 2009

trees, liam, 2years


When to medicate

This is one of my biggest parenting frustrations. I know Liam well enough to know that if he's super-cranky or sad, he's not feeling well. If he's tired, he might be quicker to tantrum/cry, but it's a different ballgame entirely from not-feeling-well.

Unfortunately, he's still young (or at least pre-verbal) enough to not be able to tell me what's wrong. He's learned the sign for "ouchie," but he knows it in the context of the Baby Signing Time video only... so his response to us asking him is always to sign "Where?" back at us, as the two are used together in the video. :/

Mind you, most of the time it's teething. Since November, he's gone from 0 teeth to 8 with a 9th swollen spot in his gums right now. Still, it's hard to know that for sure because he can't tell us. Even the finger-in-mouth trick (to feel the swollen spots and see if he reacts) has gotten less and less reliable over time. Either he's so upset that it's impossible to tell if it gets any worse when we touch the tender spot... or he just doesn't react at all... or we can't get him to let us put a finger in there in the first place.

So we have this constant quandary - usually in the middle of the night because apparently that's when teeth grow - of whether or not to medicate him. Obviously we want him to be comfortable and not hurting, but we don't want to overmedicate.

I'm having this problem this morning, and I have to make the call alone. So far, I've given him a dose of teething tablets and lots of cuddles. Things seem to have improved since the teething tablets, so I'm guessing that's probably what the issue was/is - especially given the aforementioned swollen spot.

Poor little guy, though. Something is definitely wrong, to make him so different from our usual happyBug. At least he's playing now. Most of the morning has been whining, crying, tantrums, and all-around sadness from him.

Mar. 11th, 2009



In more than name alone

He toddles!

Mar. 3rd, 2009



Milestones post

Crawling like a pro, sometimes super-fast
Standing/pulling up/cruising all over
Took 2 steps Friday night, from me to his play table
Knows how to climb stairs, but hasn't done so in a couple of weeks - maybe scared after a few tumbles?
Loves to dance anytime music is playing

words: cat (which can mean ANYTHING, btw), car (which sounds like cat, so it's a context thing), mama, dada, gaga (for grandma, we think), nana, go, yeah (sometimes with a "d" at the beginning), and various animal noises (including "baa," which is not in the video because he wouldn't do it for the camera). They aren't all clear, of course, but he is consistent in using the sounds contextually, so we've figured out what they mean.

gestures: shakes head no, waves hi/bye (including anytime someone is on a phone, or he sees a phone), lifts arms to be picked up

signs: more, eat (may also sometimes mean pacifier), all done, milk (sometimes also means drink - as does 'eat'), please, sorry (which looks like please), bird, dog, diaper, sleep, where?, and sometimes water

Does a lot of self-feeding, both with fingers and with the spoon, but still sometimes likes to be spoon-fed
Gave up the bottle months ago in favor of sippies - hasn't yet mastered non-valve sippies though
... but can drink from a cup, with help or on his own if there's not much liquid in the cup
Goes through phases of being picky, usually with regard to veggies and/or textures
Nursing just 3 times a day - about to drop down to 2 and replace it with cow's milk

Total of 6 (we think): two bottom front, one top front, one next-to-front on the top, and two molars. I think he's working on at least one more, which is also a molar (and the 2nd molar he has is only JUST poking through as of today)

LOVES music, loves to drum (and has a great sense of rhythm) and will sit and watch ANYTHING that is set to music. Favorite song: "Life is Wonderful" by Jason Mraz. Also loves the TMBG and BNL kiddie videos.
Can identify body parts - feet, hands, head, hair (whether asked for hair or ear), mouth, teeth, legs, arms, belly... but he thinks his nose is in his mouth.
Is really starting to love books, particularly if they have textures or pictures of animals.
Favorite animal seems to be bird, ever since our trip to Florida.

May be more added as I think of them.

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